Others Brands

Lumin Audio

The LUMIN App is created in harmony with the LUMIN hardware to deliver the most intuitive and visually rich way to browse, select and play your music collection.

It represents our vision of how to make music browsing and playback easy, visual, and tactile.


The Harbeth company was founded forty years ago to commercialise the BBC’s loudspeaker R&D. A great start, but only the first step of our journey towards the perfect sound. 

Chord Electronics

Chord Electronics first took flight from the aviation world, where engineering without limits means uncompromising standards. This concept designed by company owner John Franks has helped shaped our philosophy since the company’s inception in 1989. 

Resonant Woods

Resonant Woods can provide you with custom fabrication and assembly of wood products for your corporation. Presently we provide high quality, low volume, manufacture and finishing for three speaker manufacturers. Products outside of the audio industry are also welcome. 

Lab 12

Lab12 is a state-of-the-art high end manufacturer founded in 2012 by Stratos Vichos, an electronic engineer with expertise in audio designing for over 20 years and a deeply progressive vision for our beloved industry.

Falcon Audio

Welcome to Falcon Loudspeakers, the website for Falcon Acoustics loudspeaker systems. Based in Oxford England, all our loudspeakers continue to be hand made in Oxford.

Ton Trager

TonTräger.audio is a young creative company crafting high-end sound furniture for exquisite listening enjoyment. Based in Füssen, Germany, we are surrounded by a breath-taking lake scenery at the foothills of the Bavarian Alps.

English Electric

In the world of streaming music, there is a belief that digital signals by their nature are immune to the failings of analogue transmission – but it’s not that simple – and even the most hardened digital sceptic may be surprised at what can be achieved with a high specification Ethernet switch.


The SugarCubes™ are members of a family of audiophile components featuring revolutionary vinyl noise reduction and recording technology. 

Mofi Turntables

Drawing on five decades of making the world’s best-sounding records at Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab studios, Mobile Fidelity Electronics focus on improving the sonic integrity of home-audio reproduction.

Leak Audio

In 1979, LEAK disappeared from the production lines. The brand was pushed into obscurity to become a mere memory and ‘cherished’ brand of yesteryear.

After over 40 years LEAK returns with a fresh take on traditional British stereo design with 2 unique pieces, the Stereo 130 amplifier & CDT transport.


Are you are looking to delve into the exciting world of Hi-Fi for the first time? Or perhaps you already know your bi-wire from your bi-amp? Maybe you prefer the sound of a floorstander over a bookshelf, or you’re looking for something a bit more compact and only bookshelf speakers will do? Everyone has their own needs, wants and budget.

Chord Company

Chord Company has been producing cables for hi-fi and home cinema systems since 1985. Choosing the right cable is more important now than ever.

Roon Nucleus

The brain behind the Roon experience is the Roon Core. Every aspect of Nucleus – hardware, operating system, and software – was developed to provide a silent, high-performance, power-efficient Roon Core, by the same team that created Roon.


GNR Mini V5.1

After a long term research by Telos Audio Design founder Jeff Lin. Telos has found some way to make GNR performs much better than it used to be. Which is Version 5.1 upgrade.

Exposure Hi-Fi

Performance on a higher level

Our 2510 Integrated Amplifier offers an impressive 75W of amplification for class-leading sound accuracy. Fully featured with all the latest cutting-edge technology, the 2510 will guarantee a musical performance you will want to repeat.

Fleetwood Company

Fleetwood Sound Company is a new division of Oswalds Mill Audio (founded 2006). We created FSC to produce a new line of smaller, more affordable audio components while retaining the ultra high build quality and design as our OMA line.

Puritan Audio Labs

Our aim throughout is to produce the ultimate mains purifier solutions and to present these to the consumer with a level of meticulous build quality that means that an investment in a Puritan product is an investment that will be enjoyed for decades to come.

Audio Hungary

Qualiton a20i and a50i

We are excited to announce that the latest member of our Qualiton Classic Series, the Qualiton X200 Integrated Stereo Power Amplifier is finally here and ready to production. The Qualiton X200 ...

Kirmuss Record Cleaner

After now 7 years of continued extensive research and trials, audiophile and business owner Charles Kirmuss developed an affordable and simple to use RECORD CLEANING AND RECORD GROOVE RESTORATION SYSTEM based on researching the record making process and the environments that records are manufactured and stored in.

Backert Labs

Our goal at Backert Labs is to make you absolutely thrilled with your stereo. Our strategy for doing this is to pay special attention to the music signal in its smallest state – in other words, the preamp. We seek a dynamic sound that will give you the feeling of a “happening right now in the room” event when you play your favorite music.

McGary Audio

Since his childhood, Mike McGary has been intrigued with vacuum tubes and audio equipment. His fond memories listening to music using tube equipment his father built further invigorated his passion for having his own audio system at a young age of 13. He then saved money for over two years to purchase his first audio system (speakers and stereo receiver that cost over $700 in the late 1970’s, and is still operational today).